Message from the President



The Association of Strata Managers (ASM) signed the 3rd MOU with the Singapore Pest Management Association on 28 July 2023. Together with another two other earlier MOUs signed with the Singapore Institute of Building Ltd and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, ASM wants to promote professionalism and development in strata management by providing courses that are relevant to training our strata practitioners.

ASM has trained more than 630 practitioners over 25 classes. Up to date, ASM has approved 453 Managing Agent Individuals as Accredited Strata Managers. ASM has approved applications for 18 Managing Agents firms as Accredited Strata Firms over the past years. With changes to corporate directions for certain Accredited Strata Firms, the number of active Accredited Strata Firms now stood at 16. There has been an increase to 23 Corporate Members.

The Educational Committee led by Andrew Lioe (A4 International) has conducted 42 CPD classes spanned more than 20 strata-related topics. In the past 2 years, ASM has also organised two Strata Conferences and a Workshop.

Led by Eric Tan (Exceltec), ASM invested resources in drafting a new set of  Managing Agent Agreements. ASM spent more than a year, working with our legal advisor, Aequitas Law LLP, Committee Members and Members before concluding the published copy. This ASM Managing Agent Agreement can now be downloaded from the ASM website.

Hansen Tan (Chambers) and Winnie Wong (Savills) would represent ASM to join BCA to create an industry led Strata Management Guide for Procurement and Contract Management. ASM has started working with the National Environment Agency (NEA) to create an ASM-NEA Outcome Based Contract for Cleaning for Condominiums.

To promote Excellence in Education, ASM would sponsor two Book prizes each year for 3 academics years-called the “Association of Strata Managers Book Prize” for students who studied Diploma in Facilities Management at the Singapore Polytechnic. These awards will be given to deserving graduates at the Graduation Ceremony starting in 2024.

ASM organised the usual Gala Dinner on 29 September 2023 which was attended by more than 250 practitioners, members of the strata ecosystems and sponsors. Many took the opportunity to renew friendships with past colleagues and with friends. We saw many let their hair down for a night of fun and joy.

All work no play made Jack a dull boy. ASM launched an ASM-NTUC Associate Social Membership Card on 27 March 2023. This Social Membership Card offers 3 Key Benefits from NTUC:

-Link Rewards Programme

-Ready Experience Programme

-Career Enhancement Programme

Thomas Koh (Teams) led the  Social Committee. The Social Committee has organised the first Bowling Night at Orchid Bowl on 19 January 2024. 8 teams comprising 40 players took part in the friendly competition. More social events are in the pipeline.

Through social media, ASM has linked up with strata associations from Malaysia, Australia, Dubai and lately, the United States. These associations are very excited to hold programmes jointly with ASM. Scheduled for March this year, the Community Association Institute (CAI) from the United States, would be conducting CPD classes for our members. This is an opportunity for our members to learn more about strata management from an international body.

ASM has big dream to represent the voices of the strata practitioners. To be a strong association, ASM requires resources and greater membership. We ask ASM members to continue inviting Managing Agent Individuals and Managing Agent Firms to join ASM. With a larger membership, the more resources ASM would have. And when we shout, the louder ASM could be heard!




Association of Strata Managers

25 January 2024